Famous Microsoft Japan employee big tits girl Chiyoda Madoka drinks rotten soy milk and get diarrhea, a news site reported

Buzz Plus News, which is one of gossip web magazines in Japan, reports that Chiyoda Madoka drinks rotton soy milk and get diarrhea. But who cares about just a Japanese girl’s diarrhea? Who is Chiyoda Madoka?

Chiyoda Madoka is employed by Microsoft Japan as an evangelist of Xamarin (one of MS’s programming platforms). She is known by her attractive looks rather than programming skills. Japan’s male programmers worship or spoil her, before and after Microsoft Japan starts employing her.

Finally some net media follows this sexism. It is known that there are to much male programmers and too few female ones in Japan. It is natural that Japan’s programmers behave gender biased. Anyway, media and companies should take responsibility.

【災難】可愛いマイクロソフト社員が腹痛 / 祖父に薦められ豆乳飲む → ゲロマズ味 → 祖父も飲む → 祖父吐き出す「これ腐ってるわ」 | バズプラスニュース Buzz+

Author: Hakaba Hitoyo


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